Growing Child Insurance

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Allianz is always on your side with more than 20 years of expertise in Turkey and with comprehensive experience spanning over 70 countries. Growing Child Insurance is for you, if you believe that your children's future is as important as their present day.

What does Growing Child Insurance Offer?
Growing Child Insurance system secures your children. Premiums you have paid for your children turn into investments with dividends that accumulate each year over a period of time determined by you. Your children either receive these savings as a lump sum payment at the end of the insurance period or if you wish, you may opt for the incremental salary scheme which pays them a salary that increases each year for a period of five or 10 years. Growing Child Insurance protects the insured children even after the death of the policy owner.

Insured children are put on a sustenance salary that increases each year starting on the month the policy owner passed away until the end of the period.
By the end of the period, the children are entitled to redeem all the premiums as a lump sum payment or to receive a salary that increases each year over five or 10 years.